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FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad

Match : FC Barcelona vs Real Sociedad
Data : 10 Maggio 2015
Competizione : Lega Spagnola

Ultimo commento

fans (12 Mag 2015 - 08:54)
i like the formation.

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- fans
(12 Mag 2015 - 08:54)
i like the formation.
- Manka
(9 Mag 2015 - 08:42)
Viva barca
barcelona vs realsoshidt
- naasir
(8 Mag 2015 - 08:26)
barcelona win more then 10 gools
leomessi 5
suarez 2
xavi 1
a must win game
- Geolin Ekorba Gyasi
(8 Mag 2015 - 08:24)
this is the team of the moment and with the treble idea. Go go go......ale ale ale..
Up fcb
- Messi
(8 Mag 2015 - 08:24)
Up barcelona,up messi,up neyma,up swarez and all barca player
- Leishisem Ac
(3 Mag 2015 - 10:24)
The most N trusted team in the world, highly qualified players .......I really like their strategy for the way they had played, continue with the spirit all the best Barcelona team mate....
- mortezaei
(2 Mag 2015 - 09:32)
hello I am from iran i love barcelona and very good team
- antonio munguia
(25 Set 2013 - 08:45)
cual es el costo????
- saheed
(3 Feb 2012 - 09:00)
Am feeling you guy you are one in milion.
to win
- ted
(30 Gen 2012 - 11:45)
Barcelona must win with huge score to stay in touch with Real.. Great match to come vs Real Sociedad.
the world club BARCELONE
- Oludolapo
(7 Dic 2010 - 19:15)
Barcelona is the world club that as been and will livefor ever. we appreciate the management and our players.. management pls our do i become a registard fance of our club. you can sand the information to my email address: thanks.
5-0 face au real
- ft
(30 Nov 2010 - 10:00)
5-0 face au real Madrid.... alors face au Real Sociedad!!!
suis mort de rire!!
forza barça!!
at what time is the match please?
- marc
(26 Nov 2010 - 13:15)
at what time the match FC Barcelona / Real Sociedad ? any idea?
Real Sociedad is 9th of La Liga
- deb
(26 Nov 2010 - 13:15)
Real Sociedad is 9th of La Liga, far behind Barcelona, but certainly a good match to see.
certainly a nice match to see
- tr
(23 Nov 2010 - 19:30)
wish I could be there.. Go Go Barcelona!!

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Plume - 31 Lug 2015 - 08:42
Ranvir - 31 Lug 2015 - 08:40
Meet Neymar
Deraj Falcoz - 31 Lug 2015 - 08:40
imrovement !
mohd abdul majid - 31 Lug 2015 - 08:40
messi is the king of football
nigeria - 30 Lug 2015 - 08:48

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