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Picasso, Miro, Tapies, Macba…

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Per prenotare hotel vicino al: Macba, Museo Picasso, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

Picasso, Miro, Tapies, Macba… Occorre visitare molti musei a Barcellona. Abbiamo dunque scelto per voi musei ci sembrano inevitabili da visitare.




 Abbiamo selezionato questi, cominciando dai nostri musei favoriti a Barcellona:

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    Hotel nel centro
    Nostri hotel preferiti

    Per voi, questa selezione dei nostri hotel favoriti nel centro di Barcellona. Mettersi nel centro permette di partire alla scoperta dai principali luoghi d'interesse della città semplicemente a piedi.

    Affitto di appartamenti
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    Per famiglie o gruppi di amici, l'affitto di appartamenti interamente forniti è una soluzione delle più economiche. Lasciate sedurre con la qualità delle nostre offerte.

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    Fare piacere scegliendo un hotel con Spa in occasione di un soggiorno a Barcellona. Ideale per alternare visite della città e momenti di rilassamento.

  • Migliore Hop-on Hop Off Giro
    A partire da

    Esplorate Barcellona grazie all'autobus urbano a fermata multiple, tre itinerari diversi per esplorare la città! Ammirate i principali luoghi turistiche a bordo di un autobus imperiale a tetto aperto…

  • La Carta Barcellona
    Per 2,3,4 o 5 giorni consecutivi

    Scoprite tutto ciò che Barcellona può offrire con questa carta turistica, approfittate di riduzioni, beneficiate di entrate gratuite e di offerte relative alle principali attrazioni della città.


  1. necesita saber - (1 Feb 2013 - 08:30)

    Necesito saber si siendo familia numerosa , 2 adultos y 4 hijos mayores,argentinos, podemos conseguir entradas en los museos, con descuento. Desde ya muchas gracias

  2. museos - turista (10 Nov 2012 - 10:30)

    I want to see ALL the museums ! Those one, I know them already.

  3. Caixa Forum - myself (9 Mar 2012 - 14:00)

    Me & my Girlfriend went to Caixa F, there is a fantastic plce to stay all day long, the planetarium, shows in 3D is very nice, you have to pay like 3euros for that and register for Catlan or Spanish.. You can tke the bus number 126,, in the only bus close form there...

  4. Open on Monday - Nettle (17 Gen 2012 - 17:00)

    Museu d'Art Contemperani de Barcelona is open on a Monday until 7.30. I went in the afternoon and it was fairly empty.

    The gallery is certainly worthwhile if you have any interested in art from 1950-2010.

  5. Fundacion Miro - Audrey (26 Ott 2011 - 20:45)

    Expect lines and children. I was lucky to see an exhibit "The Ladder of Escape" which had many more interesting works from other museums. The permanent collection is solid but not some of my favorites. Be sure to do the "activities" on the computer screens. You can learn a lot more about Miro in his own words.

  6. Not open on Mondays? - Ali Hutton (12 Set 2011 - 09:15)

    Could a tradition of closing on a monday be e feed back cylce that means no one can open on a mondays as no tourists will be out looking for some where to take photos? If they opened on a monday more income (profit) for them would be earned as would the benefit to Barcelonas economy? But tradition must prevail!

  7. museum of mammoth - Irina (30 Lug 2011 - 12:15)

    Barcelona is the most beautiful city of Spain. There are many different and cognitive museums. For example: “The mammoth museum of Barcelona”. There is a varied collection of prehistoric animal skeletons and other remains of the Ice Age. Visitors can touch the teeth and tusk of a mammoth and to see the cave paintings that decorate the walls and ceilings. Also there are a lot of great products from mammoth ivory.

  8. Musée Picasso - Famille (18 Lug 2011 - 09:00)

    Loin de valoir le détour !!! Le musée est dénué des plus belles oeuvres de l'artiste. Le personnel est nonchalant, presque désagréable. Reste la batisse, magnifique.
    Privilégier la visite à partir de 15h00 le dimanche, c'est gratuit.

  9. Fees - Ximena (14 Apr 2011 - 10:15)

    All the museum are free?? Or what is the common rate for that?

  10. Closed on mondays - mANUEBCN (8 Apr 2011 - 10:15)

    In every country the museums have a day of closing. In Spain, like in many european countries, is on monday. So..this is the reason. Take the mondays to do another things, and let the visit to museums for another day.

  11. Opening times - Alex (12 Feb 2011 - 09:30)

    Museu del Modernisme Catala is open the whole week!! I went there on Monday

  12. opening times - colin catrouser (6 Dic 2010 - 14:45)

    Nothing open on Mondays ? Tell me why !

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